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Single-Stream recycling to begin for City of Albemarle residents

Post Date:06/23/2017 10:03 AM

 Recycling for City of Albemarle residents

Starting the week of June 26th, City of Albemarle residents will begin receiving blue roll-out recycling containers (similar to your current green trash containers). Residential curbside recycling will begin on the week of July 10th in conjunction with your normal trash collection and will continue every OTHER week.  As carts are delivered, please note instructions provided that informs you on recyclable and non-recyclable items. If you have questions, do not hesitate to call the City of Albemarle at 704-984-9665 or Waste Management at (704) 982-1224.

Single-Stream Recycling

Single Stream Recycling allows customer the ease of placing all acceptable recyclable material into a single cart. The new program includes many materials for recycling, helping to reduce trash and increase the City’s diversion/recycling rate.  Recycling will be collected every other week and trash will continue to be collected weekly. You can commingle all your recyclables and place them unsorted into your new cart for collection.  Include recyclables such as flattened cardboard, magazines, paper, newspapers, junk mail, plastic bottles and containers (plastics #1 through 7….numbers used to identify the type plastic material located somewhere on the container), glass bottles and jars, aluminum cans/foil and tin/steel cans. Do not include prohibited items, like food waste, trash, foam, plastic bags, styrofoam and hazardous materials.  For additional information about recycling properly check out our Recycle Right Recycle Often website:  Single-Stream Recycling collection begins  on July 10th!

New Cart Delivery

Several weeks before your service starts, Waste Management will begin delivering a new blue rollout cart to each residence for you to place your recyclables in.  Place your cart a minimum of 3 feet away from mailboxes, trash cart, light post, vehicles, etc. to ensure safe and efficient collection. The front of the cart must face the street (the handle is located on the back side).  All material must be placed inside the cart and the lid must be completely closed.  Materials left on top of or beside the cart will not be collected.  A brochure will be attached to your cart with important information on this new program.















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