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The City of Albemarle Public Utilities Department provides electric, water, and sewer services for residential, commercial, and industrial customers in Albemarle and surrounding areasThe Public Utilities Department consists of several divisions:

Customer Service

Tasks performed by this division include meter reading, billing, customer relations, etc.For more info please read our Customer Service Policy.
•You may contact Customer Service at (704) 984-9615
•Customer Service Policy [PDF]

Electrical Distribution

Tasks performed by this division include installing electrical services, performing electrical repairs, responding to power outages, maintaining electric lines, etc.

Water Distribution & Sewer Collection Systems

Tasks performed by this division include installing water and sewer taps, performing maintenance and repairs on water and sewer lines, installing new water and sewer lines, etc.

Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants

Tasks performed by this division include producing potable water, treating wastewater, conducting analyses on water samples, etc. The City own and operates two water treatment plants and one wastewater treatment plant.
•Tuckertown Water Treatment Plant
•Highway 52 Water Treatment Plant
•Long Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant

Michael Leonas - Director of Public Utilities

Phone: 704-984-9608
 Fax: 704-984-9445