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The use of social media as a communication tool for the City of Albemarle

Severe weather and other emergencies can occur very quickly with little or no warning. Social media channels help the City of Albemarle communicate important safety information to both citizens and staff in a short amount of time. Of course, not everyone is active on social media so we do not rely on it for all emergency communication, but it continues to be a major component of our communication plan. 

The City's Parks and Recreation Departments uses social media to remind citizens of upcoming activities and classes that are available.  Parents and guardians of children involved in athletic activities monitor our social media channels for news relating to weather and other last minute information.

We also use social media tools to communicate to citizens about upcoming meetings and other ways to become engaged with governance.  Video recordings of Council Meetings are posted on our Vimeo site, and we use both Facebook and Twitter to communicate to citizens when those videos are available. 

Public Service Announcements (PSA) are an effective method for us to raise awareness of issues that affect our community.  General health, safety and fiscal tips from various departments are communicated via our social media channels.  Videos can also be a quick and easy way to convey a message, but images, advertisements, and job postings conveyed via Facebook and Twitter with a caption are also effective communication tools.


Social Media Source
Available Link
City of Albemarle's main FB page Facebook
Albemarle Fire Department FB page
Albemarle Police Department FB page
Albemarle Parks & Recreation Department FB page
Shared videos - Council Meetings
City of Albemarle main Twitter feed