Utilities - Electric, Water, Sewer

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The City has been in the utility business close to 100 years providing water, sewer, electric and solid waste service for residents in the Albemarle area. The Utility Department provides service for nearly 12,000 electric customers and 7,000 water and sewer customers.




The City of Albemarle has two raw water intakes located on the Yadkin River. The City is currently utilizing 6 million gallons of water per day (MGD) of its existing 18.5 MGD treatment capacity. The two treatment facilities are designed for future plant expansions of over 40 MGD. The City of Albemarle operates two separate Water Treatment Plants with their own individual raw water intakes. This duality of operations, along with the Yadkin River as a water source, has allowed the City water supply to operate without mandatory restrictions in the recent severe drought.


The City of Albemarle operates a 16 MGD Wastewater Treatment Facility. Currently, the City is utilizing only 7.5 MGD of that overall capacity. The plant is designed for an ultimate treatment capacity of 32 MGD with modest capital improvements. The City of Albemarle operates under its own sewer use ordinance, which allows us to work closely with commercial and industrial clients for their individual needs.

Water and Sewer Rates

The City of Albemarle rate structure is competitive with other areas in the region. We also offer Economic Development rates to new customers and to existing customers who are expanding their operations in Albemarle. Please review ourrates and couple that with localized service available in Albemarle.

Solid Waste

The City of Albemarle currently owns its own Sub-Title D Solid Waste Facility and Recycling Center. The 541-acre site is operated by the Public Works Department and has a total project life of more than 30 years. Along with accepting (MSW) Municipal Solid Waste and (C & D) Construction and Demolition waste, the Recycling Center and Compost Areas also accepts a wide variety of Recyclables along with Yard Waste and Land Clearing debris. For rates and/or more information please click the link below.

Guidelines for City Solid Waste Facility and Recycling Center Brochure (DP 7-1-2015)

Electric System

The City of Albemarle operates its own electric distribution system with 6 substations and 370 miles of lines. The City is a member of North Carolina Municipal Power Agency 1, which provides power from the Catawba Nuclear Facility. This association provides Albemarle with an abundance of base load generation.

Electric Rates

Our electric rates are competitive in the region; Albemarle also offers economic development incentive rates that will lower the cost of electric service during the first four and one half years of operation. This rate is available to qualifying new or expanding industry.

ElectriCities of North Carolina

Albemarle is a member of ElectriCities of North Carolina. ElectriCities is a non-profit government service organization representing cities, towns and universities that own electric distribution systems. Today, ElectriCities represents 98 members in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia.

This association helps Albemarle to provide large utility company service while its customers enjoy the local personal service of a small town utility. ElectriCities provides customer service and safety training, emergency and technical assistance, communications, government affairs and legal services. Through consolidation of these services, Albemarle saves their customers the expense of administering these functions locally.

Electric Service Needs

Albemarle along with ElectriCities will assist your company or business by providing competitive rate options and programs that assure that you get the lowest cost for electric service. ElectriCities have a team of experienced energy service personnel that will evaluate your operations and electric service needs and provide you with an estimate of your electric service costs for customers in Albemarle. Our free assistance includes the following:

  • Electric service cost estimates based on estimated kilowatts and kilowatt hours
  • Electric service facilities including transformers sized to serve estimated peak kilowatt load
  • Energy efficiency studies and recommendations
  • Lighting evaluations with energy efficiency recommendations
  • Peak load management recommendations
  • Power quality evaluations and recommendations
  • Power audits to determine load management options and feasibility
  • Electrotechnology information and benefits
  • Evaluation of HVAC specifications for optimum sizing and operation of mechanical equipment

As City of Albemarle electric customer, your employees can attend classes that will help your company's production and efficiency. Just a few of the recent topics have been:

  • Lighting
  • Efficient Electric Motor Selection
  • Variable Speed Drive
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Power Quality
  • Compressed Air