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International Automotive Components

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Todd Brandon Plant ManagerInternational Automotive Components (IAC) is a global supplier of automotive interior systems and components, including interior and exterior trim and structural and functional applications.  Our products are designed to improve comfort and convenience, utility and safety in vehicle interiors.  You may be more familiar with our old name, Collins & Aikman.  C&A went into bankruptcy and in 2007, was part of a group that formed IAC.  The Albemarle plant is specifically responsible for the manufacture of carpet used for the interior of vehicles.  Our customer base is broad and covers all the major auto manufacturers.  Our plant has been here since the late 1950’s and is approximately 550,000 square feet.  We operate 3 shifts with approximately 350 employees, of which 80% are considered production employees.

In keeping with our commitment to customer satisfaction, IAC understands the value of operating with a shared vision at all levels of the company.  In our quest to be the leading global supplier, IAC assembled an executive team with a diverse set of automotive backgrounds, and unparalleled devotion to quality and cost-effective products and solutions with extensive industry experience.  It is our objective to hire and develop highly motivated and qualified people in order to meet our operating and financial objectives, as well as to ensure continued achievement.  The success of IAC is dependent upon a well-qualified and effective work force.

Throughout IAC North America’s footprint, we are involved and engaged with our supply base including municipalities such as the City of Albemarle.  For years, the Albemarle plant and the City of Albemarle have fostered a true working relationship to meet each party’s objectives, and that relationship will continue to evolve and grow.

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