How to do Business with Purchasing

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How to do Business with Purchasing - Brochure


The mission of the City’s purchasing activities is to consistently and efficiently manage, control and plan for the use of available resources to meet the procurement needs of the City and its departments; and to stimulate a competitive bidding process that will enable the City to obtain maximum value, and quality in materials, equipment, supplies and services for each tax dollar and utility dollar expended.

“Achieving a Successful Compliant Contract”


A 10% verifiable participation goal in the “total value of work” for which a contract or subcontract is awarded for construction and opportunities in procurement is encouraged.

HUB firms must be certified through the N.C. Department of Administration Office for Historically Underutilized Businesses (HUB Office) Statewide Uniform Certification Program, listed in their database, to be counted by the City of Albemarle for HUB participation and the reporting purposes in meeting our 10% HUB participation goal.

Mailing Address
1336 Mail Service Center
Raleigh, NC 27699-1336
Telephone: 919-807-2330
Fax number: 919-807-2335

Office Location
4th Floor , Administration Building
116 West Jones Street
Raleigh NC 27699-1366

City Services

The City of Albemarle provides the following municipal services for residents: planning and zoning services; fire and police protection; parks and recreation activities and facilities; public housing; water, sewer, and electric utility service; street maintenance; garbage and trash collection and disposal. Cutting edge methods and ideas that have potential application within these various areas are welcomed and encouraged.

Gifts and Favors from Vendors

In accordance with NC General Statute 133-32 , it is unlawful for any vendor who has a current contract with the City of Albemarle, or has performed under a contract within the past year, or anticipates bidding on a contract in the future to give gifts or favors to any employee of the City of Albemarle who is charged with preparing plans, specifications, or estimates for public contracts, awarding or administering such contracts, or inspecting or supervising construction. It is also unlawful for a City employee to willfully receive or accept such gifts or favors.

How to Become a Vendor

Welcome to the City of Albemarle . . .
In order to become or remain an active Vendor with the City of Albemarle, the Vendor Information Form and IRS Form W-9 must be completed and returned to the City of Albemarle, Finance Department, Purchasing Division; currently the Authorization of Electronic Funds Transfer is optional; however, we encourage you to consider this service as it will allow you to receive your remittance safely, economically, and within days of your due date.

Other Tips . . .

  • Sales Tax: The City of Albemarle pays North Carolina Sales and Use Tax and is not Tax-Exempt. Taxes, although not shown on the Purchase Order, should be included on the Vendor’s invoice.
  • Invoices: A completed Vendor Information Form and an IRS Form W-9 must be received for Invoice Payment. Questions regarding Invoices should be directed to the Accounts Payable Division at 704-984-9452.
  • EFT Service: Questions regarding Authorization of Electronic Funds Transfer should be directed to the
    Accounts Payable Division at 704-984-9452.
  • Purchasing: A Purchase Order or Contract will not be issued to a Vendor until a completed Vendor Information Form and an IRS Form W-9 has been completed. Questions regarding Purchasing or Purchase Orders should be directed to the Purchasing Division at 704-984-9447.
  • Statutory Requirements:

FORMAL BIDS G.S. 143-129


Marketing Supplier Products and Services

The City of Albemarle uses a modified decentralized purchasing process. Prospective suppliers are encouraged to
contact the Purchasing Coordinator for an introduction meeting, and are welcomed to provide a catalog, or other
listing of products and services offered. Suppliers are welcomed to market their products directly to the Department. Departments are instrumental in prescribing the specifications for the equipment / supplies they require, and marketing contacts are recognized as a necessary part of educating users on the capabilities and varieties of products in the market place.

Appointments are suggested. Unannounced visitors will be acknowledged and greeted if available or as time allows. Department phone numbers follow:

Department  Phone Number
 Administration  704-984-9405
 Economic Development
 Finance  704-984-9444
 Fire  704-984-9475
 Human Resources
 Information Systems
 Parks and Recreation
 Planning and Development Services
Public Housing
Public Utilities
Public Works

Responding to Formal and Informal Bids

The Invitation for Bid (IFB), Request for Proposal, (RFP) or Request for Quotation (RFQ), Request for Qualifications (RFQ) provides all the necessary instructions and a complete description of the requirement with specifications and terms and conditions to enable the preparation of a bid or proposal.

  • Responsibility of Bidders: Prospective suppliers should be financially sound and able to perform fully according to the specifications, delivery requirements, services and other stipulations contained in the Bid at the prices bid.
  • Bid Requirements: Each responding vendor is responsible for carefully reading the bid document and understanding its contents. Vendors who have previously submitted bids for the same commodity of service should not presume that the specifications, terms and conditions are necessarily the same. There may be slight differences that would only be realized after carefully reading the entire bid document.

Standard Requirements

  • Bid Delivery: Bids will be received at the address cited in the Bid Document on or before the date and exact time specified. The bid will not be considered for evaluation if delivered after this time. It is the vendor’s responsibility to make sure that the bid is submitted on time and to the proper location.
  • Signature: All solicitation documents must be properly signed and executed in the designated places. Failure to properly execute a bid will result in that bid not being considered for award.
  • Additional Information: For those bids requiring price lists, product literature or other information, such material must be provided in accordance with the instructions outlined in the bid document.
  • Conferences / Site Inspections: Such requirements are intended to supply vendors with valuable information or visual inspection, which can help to ensure the completeness and accuracy of all contracts.
  • Terms and Conditions: All solicitation documents are subject to the specified terms and conditions.
  • Bid Bonds and Deposits: Formal bids or proposals will not be considered or accepted unless accompanied by a deposit equal to no less than 5% (five percent) of the proposal amount. The bid deposit may take the form of: cash, cashier’s check, certified check, or a bid bond by a surety licensed in North Carolina and must be included with the bid. The deposit will be retained if the successful bidder fails to execute the contract within 10-days after the award. Bid deposits of unsuccessful bidders will be returned following an award of the specific contract.
  • Purchase Order and Shipment: All purchases of $500 or more must be authorized through the issuance of a City of Albemarle Purchase Order. All deliveries should be F.O.B. destination, vendor expense.
  • Invoicing and Payment: All invoices should be submitted in accordance with the “bill to” instructions included on the purchase order. Applicable sales and use tax should be added to the invoices as a separate line item. Payment terms are normally “net 30 days”.
  • Complaint to Vendor: City Departments are encouraged to directly contact the vendor in an effort to resolve any dissatisfaction with product, warranty or service performance. When problems are not resolved to the user’s satisfaction, the department contacts the Purchasing Coordinator who then contacts the vendor immediately to resolve the complaint. Vendors who do not act responsibly to quickly resolve legitimate complaints may be removed from contracts and / or prohibited from bidding on future contracts with the City of Albemarle.
  • Procedure for Filing Protests: Vendor protests regarding contract awards should be addressed to the Purchasing Coordinator as soon as possible. All protests must be submitted in writing.

 For Additional Assistance or Questions, Please Contact:

Linda J. Lewis, CLGPO
Purchasing Coordinator
Phone: 704-984-9447
Fax: 704-984-9448