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Welcome to the Albemarle Fire Department!

Welcome to the web page for the Albemarle Fire Department.  On behalf of the forty-four members of our department I would like to thank you for stopping by our web page.

The Albemarle Fire Department is a fully career department serving the visitors and citizens of the City of Albemarle.  Our department comprises forty-two full time and two part-time personnel staffing three divisions within the department.  The three divisions comprising the fire department include administration, fire suppression and fire prevention.

In the fire suppression division there are thirty-nine personnel staffing three shifts.  Each shift works a twenty-four hours on duty and forty-eight hours off duty shift.  Although that shift schedule sounds like our firefighters are not at work that much, it is worth noting that this schedule works out to a suppression personnel being at work an average of fifty-six hours per work compared to most professions that spend forty hours per week at work.  When each shift is fully staffed there are thirteen fire suppression personnel per shift, our minimum shift staffing is ten fire suppression personnel per shift.  These personnel staff fire apparatus at three firehouses in the city.  The shifts are supervised by a battalion chief who oversees the shifts activities and reports to the fire chief.  A captain is assigned to each station on each shift and reports to the shift battalion chief.  The captain supervises and engineer (the apparatus driver) and the firefighters assigned to their station and shift.    

In the fire prevention division there is one full time and two part-time personnel.  This division is supervised by the fire marshal, a position that is currently vacant.  This division is responsible for many facets of fire safety in the city to include fire code enforcement, fire safety education and emergency management. 

The administrative division comprises the fire chief and administrative assistant.  The fire chief is the head of the fire department and is responsible for the day to day business operations of the department, future planning as well as overseeing the $3.6 million dollar annual budget. 

Please take a moment to looked around our web pages to learn more about our department.