Mission and Goals

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Albemarle Parks and Recreation is a government service that exists to serve all people of the Albemarle community. Our programs and facilities are operated on a not-for-profit basis.

City parks and programs are open to all. Program fees and admission charges are assessed where necessary to neutralize costs that go beyond basic facility use and activity participation. These include, but are not limited to, costs for program supervision, class instruction, provision of program-specific equipment and supplies, and costs inherent in operating various facilities (example-swimming pools).

Instructional classes are offered to provide individuals the opportunity to learn and develop new skills, abilities, and talents, and to foster lifelong learning and constructive leisure-time pursuits. Classes vary by program area, age, and ability level, and are designed to provide challenge and enjoyment to all participants.

Recreational sports leagues are offered to develop a well rounded, respectful individual. Adult sports leagues are, by nature, oriented more competitively than youth leagues, however sportsmanship and appropriate conduct are expected and rules governing such are enforced strictly.

Our youth athletics programs are designed to emphasize participation and enjoyment for the sport while maintaining an age-appropriate perspective on competition. Our youth sports goals include physical, mental, and moral fitness; sportsmanship; self-discipline; development of a positive self-image and attitude; and development of appropriate sports skills.

Albemarle Parks and Recreation welcomes ideas, comments, and observations from program participants and facility users. You may reach our office at 704-984-9560 , or e-mail us at