Urban Archery

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2018 Urban Archery- City of Albemarle

 The following is a slight adaption of the UAS rules for deer season that would allow for the use of archery equipment to hunt deer within the city limits. 

All participants must have a valid NC Wildlife Commission hunting license (or qualify for one of the exemptions) and may only hunt on property they own or the property of another with written consent.  Written consent must be carried at all times while hunting.  Additionally, due to the risk of this activity in densely populated areas, the City has adopted the following restrictions to protect the public.  Despite these restrictions, a substantial percentage of the City limits is available for hunting in the UAS.  Other rules include:

  • Archery must be conducted from a permanent or portable elevated platform of at least ten (10) feet above the ground.
  • Areas of consent (hunting areas) must be greater than five (5) acres in area and may be comprised of contiguous parcels or tracts.

Map of Acceptable Tracts for Urban Archery in Albemarle

Updated Urban Archery Ordinance

  • No arrow shall be discharged within 500 feet of any residential dwelling,school, church, commercial building, governmental property, occupied structure, street, park, or other recreational area, nor shall any arrow be discharged within 250 feet of the perimeter of the area of consent.
  • No arrow shall be discharged from or onto any City of Albemarle water, sewer or electrical right of way.
  • Hunters shall make every reasonable effort to track quarry for the purpose of completing the harvest.
  • There is a valid hunting season in effect for which the hunting license applies at the time the bow or crossbow is discharged.
  • The hunter adheres to all applicable State and Local regulations.
  • The person discharging the bow or crossbow exercises reasonable regard for the safety and property of other persons.
  • Hunting for deer ONLY.

Urban Archery Dates:  January 12 - February 17, 2019

For more information about State hunting rules and regulations, please visit the NC Wildlife website

Questions concerning Urban Archery  in Albemarle can be directed to Taylor Hurley at 704-984-9565 or to CHurley@Albemarlenc.gov.