Zoning and Land Use

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As North Carolina continues to transition from rustic to urban its citizens face unique questions. They ask, is this the kind of place I want to live, where my children want to live? How can we encourage quality growth and development while keeping the things that make our community a special place? The answer to the questions is based on how a person chooses to develop their property and the subsequent impact it has on their neighbors. Land use regulations are often adopted in an effort to allow a property owner to use their property in a responsible way while taking into account the impact(s) on their neighbors.

While local government has an array of tools for land use planning and regulation, the core tool for land use regulation in Albemarle is zoning. Zoning is the process of categorizing land uses and placing them in appropriate districts or zones. The City of Albemarle currently has fifteen distinct zoning districts, and a few overlay districts. In addition to zoning controls you have subdivision regulations and state/federal watershed and floodplain designations.

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