Community Policing

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School Resource Officers

The Albemarle Police Department has two School Resource Officers that service the schools in the City of Albemarle.

SRO Cameron Harrington is assigned to Albemarle High School.
SRO Adam Torres is assigned to both East Albemarle Elementary and Central Elementary.
SRO K. C. Cook is assigned to Albemarle Middle School and also teaches Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE).

 The School Resource Officer performs three main functions:

  1. Onsite Emergency Security at the school.
  2. Teaches Law Related Education topics.
  3. Counsels students and parents on a variety of issues.
In addition to their assigned duties, all SRO’s are involved in school sports activities.These activities include coaching extra-curricular teams, attending field trips and other after school activities.School Resource Officers try to build a positive relationship between the young people and the Law Enforcement

 School Resource Officer in Action



Appointment as Agent

The officers of the Albemarle Police Department may on many occasions act as your representative to protect your property and enforce the laws of the state and city ordinances. This appointment gives the Albemarle Police Department the authorization to act as your agent and on your behalf disburse anyone found to be on your property that you wish to be removed. Albemarle Police Officers will also help to maintain order, protect life and property and enforce laws and ordinances of the City of Albemarle and the State of North Carolina.

The property owner must go to court if necessary to assist the police in any prosecution efforts.

Appointment of Agent Form

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Crime Prevention Tips

Each year the Albemarle Police respond to many calls on larceny, breaking and entering, and home robbery. To reduce these crimes, the police department has provided some crime prevention tips to protect yourself, your home, and property
The protection of life and property must be a joint effort by all law abiding citizens. Neither law enforcement nor a citizen can guarantee the protection of another person or their property. We must join together to protect ourselves and our neighbors.