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Records Division



Contact Us:

Telephone: 704-984-9500
Fax: 704-984-9505

Email: apdcommunications@ci.albemarle.nc.us

The Records Division of the Albemarle Police Department is located within Police Headquarters at 203 North Second Street. The Division is equipped with Radio and Telephone Communications and can be established as a backup Emergency Communications Center within minutes should Stanly County Emergency Communications require evacuation or experience problems with communication. This is a secure area with admittance to departmental employees only.





Numerous reports such as criminal incident, criminal arrest, traffic citations, traffic accident, parking violations and city ordinance violations are generated by the Albemarle Police Department daily. The Records Division is responsible for the integrity and maintenance of all reports and documentation produced. Reports are reviewed and audited daily, and properly secured and/or disseminated pursuant to departmental policy and/or state law. Records Division employees also assist walk-in visitors, address all calls for general information, and assist department members with various needs.
In addition to the data entry and preparation of various files and records, the Records Division employees are responsible for the operation of computer terminals for DCI/NCIC and must maintain certification for operation of the same. Certified operators must enter stolen property and wanted or missing persons into this national data base. Certification also allows Records Division employees to provide criminal histories, driver’s license checks, vehicle registration, stolen articles checks and missing or wanted persons checks to assist the patrol and detective division
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The Records Division is comprised of six civilian employees. Four Communications Officers rotate shifts on a schedule identical to the patrol teams, allowing the Records Division to be available to assist patrol teams and detectives as well as the public at all times. The Office Manager is certified to operate the DCI/NCIC computer terminals and assists the Records Division as needed. The Records Supervisor is responsible for the supervision of the Division, maintenance of the computerized Records Management System and serves as the Terminal Agency Coordinator for DCI/NCIC.



Copies of Reports:

The Records Division is open to the public 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All reports are available upon request at the front desk. The public record portion of Incident and Accident Reports will provide the basic information necessary for insurance companies to initiate the processing of claims.

Incident Reports:

While Initial Criminal Incident Reports are considered public record, the portion of any criminal investigative report that identifies juvenile information, suspects (unless criminally charged), or any criminal investigative notes is not public record and will not be released to the general public. These reports are not available online but can be obtained at Police Headquarters

Accident Reports:

Available at Police Headquarters or online at www.crashdocs.org


Training and Planning Division

The Training/Planning Division of the Albemarle Police Department sees that the officers comply with necessary needs of their job. Training/Planning makes sure all officers maintain the required certifications for the position held. We also assist the Administration in planning large events in the city. This division is also responsible for keeping records of training, reviewing all policies and procedures, and making any necessary updates.



All sworn officers of the Albemarle Police Department must have successfully completed the North Carolina Criminal Justice and Standards Basic Law Enforcement Training before they are authorized to work the street as a Police Officer.

All new officers with the Albemarle Police Department must complete the department’s Field Training Program, which consists of 420 hours of hands-on training. After completing the Field Training Program, each officer is evaluated by a Supervisory Review Board before being released to work alone as a police officer.



Officers attend classes during their career to keep them updated in laws, equipment, and knowledge. Some of these classes are RADAR, Intoxilyzer, Traffic Accident Investigation, and Domestic Violence Response, etc.

Detectives also attend several types of Investigative Classes to improve their skills. These classes include Homicide Investigation, Armed Robbery Investigation, Arson, and Interview Techniques, etc.

Each year officers are required by NC State Law to complete the In-Service Training Requirements set by NC Criminal Justice Training and Standards Commission. This currently consists of 24 hours of training that includes legal updates, firearms, ethics, and other current topics.
Contact: Capt. D.A. Hunt

Criminal Investigation Division

The Criminal Investigation Division is comprised of 9 Detectives supervised by a Captain and Sergeant. The division’s primary function is to conduct follow up investigations of reported crimes and assist with the prosecution of these crimes. Each case is worked to the fullest extent until an arrest is made or closed due to insufficient leads.

The Division investigates vice and organized crime complaints in addition to drug violations. Two full time and one part-time detective is assigned to drug complaints. Drug officers are part of a multi agency unit that are comprised of all agencies within Stanly County along with the State Bureau of Investigation, with primary duties including the investigation, apprehension and assisting in the prosecution of suspected drug dealers in State and Federal Courts.

Detectives have countless hours of training and experience in such crimes as, but not limited to, Homicides, Rapes, Serious Assaults, and other major crimes. Juvenile complaints requiring an investigation beyond the Patrol Officer’s Preliminary investigation are handled by the division who are trained in Juvenile laws. A majority of detectives have earned their Advanced Criminal Justice Certificate and continue training in all aspects of personal and property crimes.

The Criminal Investigation Division’s duties are not limited to working cases but also the division comprises the Crime Scene Unit division, Evidence Control, CVSA examinations as well as any special details at the request of the Chief of Police.

The Division maintains a telephone line for information related to any crime or criminal activity that may be occurring. We encourage everyone to call when they have information that may assist the Police Department
TIP / CLUE LINE 704-984-9511
Email your tips to: Capt. J.T. Cranford

Traffic Division

Traffic analysis and specific enforcement promotes safer roads for Albemarle . Officers are equipped with state of the art equipment to handle this task. We are involved with organization such as our local school system, Safe Kids, Governor’s Highway Safety Program, Partner’s in Health, and more which includes the community in a safe driving awareness.

Albemarle Police Department
203 N Second St.
Albemarle, NC 28001
Phone: 704-984-9500

Utilize this link for your traffic program request form: Traffic Program Request Form




To report a traffic issue or concern, feel free to call upon the officers at 704-984-9500. In case of a traffic emergency please utilize emergency 911 system
Our DWI enforcement program offers citizens the opportunity to report suspected impaired driving through 911 reporting.  Programs are offered on the Fatal Vision DWI simulator cart for licensed drivers.






 Fatal Vision Golf Cart Training  Traffic Trailer with Sign




The Albemarle Police Department attained accreditation from the Commission of Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA) in July 1995. Accredited Law Enforcement Agencies have met standards set by CALEA for Agencies across the nation. This provides that the Agency has certain policies and procedures which direct its officers on how to perform their duties. These policies are constantly updated and amended to conform to National standards due to changes in Court Decisions and other Case Law.
The Albemarle police Department is also a member of the North Carolina Law Enforcement Accreditation Network. NCLEAN provides training and other resources to member agencies to help meet the demands of law enforcement accreditation.
The Accreditation Manager for the Albemarle Police Department is Captain D. A. Hunt