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West Office
141 College Drive
Albemarle, NC 28001


The Albemarle West Community Police Office is located on the campus of Stanly Community College. The office is housed in a mobile classroom that was formerly used by the college. The office has recently gone through some renovations and improvements, thanks to the college’s maintenance department.
These arrangements were made when Albemarle started community policing in 1996.  The plans for the future are to build a new facility on the west side on land the city already owns. This facility would possibly house the new West Police office and Fire Station #2. This arrangement would be consistent with what has been done in other areas of the city.


North Office
209-A Northeast Connector
Albemarle, NC 28001

The North Community Zone comprises 6.3 square miles of residential and commercial communities in the northern patrol area of Albemarle.

Our Officers take pride in our working relationship with the community working together leads to a more proactive community.

Patrol Officers patrolling the city streets respond to various calls for service, investigating accidents and taking reports are the first you as citizens are most likely to encounter them. Our Police Department is deeply rooted in community oriented policing.

We strive to build and encourage citizen and police interaction.

If you need to contact a North Team Officer, you may call 704-984-9501 and inform the communications officer of your need.


East Office
1610 E Main St
Albemarle, NC 28001

The Albemarle East Office is located on East Main Street and Groves Avenue. The building serves a dual purpose as it is comprised of East Community Police Officers and the Central Fire Department. Prior to becoming one of the city’s emergency response buildings, it was home to the Coca Cola Bottling Company.

Officers of the East Community Office serve the citizens in the community by responding to calls, investigating accidents, and getting involved in community watches and various community events. Our Officers strive to interact with a positive influence with our residents.