Resident Services

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Resident Services Mission

The mission of Residents Services at the City of Albemarle Department of Public Housing is to promote opportunities that will enhance the quality of life for our residents.

To accomplish our mission, we coordinate an array of programs and services to include:


We provide opportunities to motivate and educate our residents to become economically self-sufficient. Partnering with local leaders, agencies and schools, on site educational and training classes are provided for residents who desire to boost their ability to compete in the job market. Our self-sufficiency programs and services include:

Job Readiness Classes

Taught by Stanly Community College instructors, a 27 hour course instructs adults in resume’ writing, interviewing, and job search.

Production Technician Course

This Stanly Community College course is taught on site at Amhurst Gardens and prepares adult students for well-paying manufacturing jobs available in our community.

HSE (High School Equivalency)

Formerly known as the GED, High School Equivalency classes are offered for adults who wish to complete their high school education.

Budget Counseling/Training

Local bankers partner with us to train residents how to budget and become wise stewards of their monetary resources. Once a year, our residents are provided financial training through a local banking expert.


Adult Social and Inspirational Program

The Resident’s Services office provides social and inspirational programs to encourage positive community foundations and relationships. Our adult programs are led by committed community professionals, groups, and individuals who serve our residents through weekly and monthly programs.

Adult Health and Wellness

The produce from our local community garden is used by our NC A&T State University Extension Agent as an incentive to provide a healthy eating class offered to adults of all ages. Throughout the year, our residents are encouraged to live healthy lifestyles through educational and various health screening opportunities we provide.

Children and Youth Oriented Programs

The younger generation is provided with year-round relationship building opportunities. Civic organizations, faith-based groups, and educational leaders serve the children and youth with regular 4-H, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Jr. Youth Group, and inspirational programs.