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Long Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant

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Long Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant

This facility is located at the end of Coble Avenue south of Hwy. 24/27.

This facility is actually was constructed in several stages, the first being a trickling filter plant in the late 1930’s and then two more trickling filters and clarifiers were added to in the early 1960’s.  This facility is still being used today in a limited capacity.  In the mid 1970’s one mile south of the original facility the main treatment plant, an extended aeration facility with four basins and eight tertiary sand filters, was built.

The Long Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant is designed to treat an average of 16 million gallons of wastewater per day.

This facility discharges it effluent into Long Creek right below the confluence of Long Creek and Town Creek.  The biosolids generated by the facility are land applied to areas owned by the City near the plant and at the City landfill.  These biosolids serve as fertilizer for a hay farming operation.