City Council Meetings 2015

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Council meetings are held the first and third Monday of each month within the City Hall in downtown Albemarle and begin promptly at 7:00 p.m.

City Council has three types of minutes.  They are extract, adjourned and called minutes.  Extract minutes are from regular scheduled meetings. Adjourned and called minutes are non-regular meetings.  The only difference between an adjourned session and a called session is the way the meeting is scheduled.

Below are City Council extract, adjourned and called minutes from the current and previous years. If a minute is required that is not listed, please contact the City Clerk's Office at 704-984-9410.

agenda  regular Minutes adjourned minutes  video
January  January January January
 Novus Agenda January 5 PDF January 6 Adjourned PDF   
 Novus Agenda January 20 PDF January 8 Adjourned PDF  
    January 12 Adjourned PDF  
February  February February February
 Novus Agenda February 2 PDF February 9 Adjourned PDF   
    February 10 Adjourned PDF  
    February 12 Adjourned PDF  
 March  March March  March
 Novus Agenda March 2 PDF  
 Novus Agenda March 16 PDF  
 April  April April  April
 Novus Agenda  April 6 PDF April 15 Adjourned PDF  
 Novus Agenda  April 20 PDF  
 May  May May  May
 Novus Agenda  May 4 PDF May 6 Adjourned PDF Regular Council Meeting
 Novus Agenda  May 18 PDF May 7 Adjourned PDF  
 June June  June June
Novus Agenda  June 1 PDF June 8 Adjourned PDF Regular Council Meeting
Novus Agenda  June 15 PDF Regular Council Meeting
 July  July  July  July
 Novus Agenda  July 6 PDF  
 Novus Agenda  July 20 PDF  
 August August  August  August
 Novus Agenda  August 3 PDF August 19 Adjourned PDF  
 Novus Agenda  August 17 PDF  
September September September September
 Novus Agenda  September 8 PDF  
 Novus Agenda  September 21 PDF  
 October October October October
 Novus Agenda  October 5 PDF October 21 Adjourned PDF  
 Novus Agenda  October 19 PDF October 22 Adjourned PDF  
 November November November November
 Novus Agenda  November 2 PDF November 23 Adjourned PDF  
 Novus Agenda  November 16 PDF  
December December December December
 Novus Agenda  December 7 PDF  
 Novus Agenda  December 21 PDF