HOWTO: Work Remote

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HOWTO:  Work Remote

First, please read this document describing what we all need to do so we collectively protect City of Albemarle resources and information:

HOWTO Securely Working Remote

Access to the City's App Store using a supplied laptop.  If you are using a city-supplied device, please see these instructions for successfully accessing your desktop environment.  If you are using a personal device, please coordinate with Information Systems Department to test your environment.

Link: Connecting to App Store using IGel Client (HOWTO)

Link: Video describing HOWTO Connect to App Store

This App Store Environment link provides access to the City's App Store.  Employees will need to have coordinated with their Department Head, HR, and with Information Systems Departments to ensure that their account is fully active for remote access.
Link:  App Store Environment
When logged in to the City's App Store, please use the Kronos Timekeeper system to clock in, clock out, during your workday.  The link Connecting to Kronos (HOWTO) will describe the process.

Link: Connecting to Kronos (HOWTO)

Link: Connecting to Kronos (Video)

Please view this page for information related to using a personal device while working remotely.

HOWTO: Connect to App Store using a personal device