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City of Albemarle will be offering a paperless billing option beginning December 1, 2016

City of Albemarle Public Utility Department is adding a new feature allowing citizens to sign up for online electronic billing as an option for Utility Bill payments.  Information about this new feature is included on the City’s web site – http://www.albemarlenc.gov/residents/online-bill-payment.   For detailed information please view the eBilling Information page.  All customers will have to register on the Online Utility Portal - available from the Online Bill Payment page - with a valid email address and password before they can access electronic billing detail and history.

Once logged into the Online Utility Portal, please add the Account Number to review online eBills and to make payments on one or multiple accounts. If there are multiple service accounts, the Online Utility Portal will require each Account Number to be added to the Online Portal Account.  After each service account is added, enable the Paperless option for each account in order to receive your online eBills.

To sign up for online eBills:

Sign on to the City of Albemarle`s Online Utility Portal, then select the Paperless Option for all services addresses (account numbers) to receive electronic eBill notifications.

Benefits to the customer:

  • Self-service enrollment via Customer Portal
  • No paper bills will be mailed
  • Easy to view or pay the bill within Customer Portal


  • Customer Accounts with multiple service addresses (account numbers) will require all service addresses to be added individually to the Online Utility Portal so that eBills will be available online.
  • Email notifications will be sent when the eBill is ready for viewing/payment through the Online Utility Portal.


1. Each account must be added within the Online Utility Portal by clicking the Add Account button (example below).   Select Paperless option for each account in order to receive the electronic eBill:



2. Example for adding individual service addresses (account numbers):


3. To change the eBill status, log into the Online Utility Portal and select the account for Paperless eBill by toggling the Paperless indicator - example below:


REMINDER: If there are multiple service addresses (account numbers) -- EACH account must be added to the Online Utility Portal and the PAPERLESS option must be selected in order to receive electronic eBill.

Once logged into the Online Utility Portal, please remember to check and pay any Balance Forward amounts immediately to avoid disconnection.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact customer service at 704-984-9615 or access the City’s website at:


Thank you for your continued business with the City of Albemarle.